$GRAPE soon $OHM fork ?

3 min readJan 4, 2022

TL;DR : “Yes” is too early, the discussion is live in the DAO.

Image credits : Raydium

What is $GRAPE ?

Grape Protocol is a Decentralized Social Networking DAO on-boarding communities to Web3 on Solana through Discord.

Grape offers a wide range of services within its walls :

$GRAPE awards friendly reminder :

$GRAPE is bluechip — (imho safu), with some project members doxxed.

What is $OHM ?

$OHM is the ticker for OlympusDAO, a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure that own it’s liquidity, working back in incentivized vaults subjects to voting polls through proposals in a DAO environment.

Game Theory (3,3) meme

(3,3) is the idea that, if everyone cooperated in Olympus, it would generate the greatest gain for everyone (from a game theory standpoint).

Currently, there are three actions a user can take:

  • Staking (+2)
  • Bonding (+1)
  • Selling (-2)
Source : Olympus Documentation

Olympus Pro : Treasury Model as a service

Olympus Pro offers Olympus treasury model as a framework for other DAO.

Several projects running Olympus Pro already exists — such as Invictus, and here’s their profitability by 15th December 2021 a year after their launch.

Data as of 12/15 ~9:15am | Source

All of them shows positive returns over a year — to say the least.

We’ll probably soon vote on treasury assets to delegate in farms to back and incentivize $GRAPE : I aped-in 🍇

$GRAPE was victim of a false price displayed on CoinGecko (now fixed).

Grape Chart on CoinGecko

I swapped for 566/8690 = $0.065 by 30th December

Swap 30/12/2021

You can take part in $GRAPE DAO decisions from A membership :

You can grind your way to A tier by participating event, starting from C tier.

DAO talks & decisions will matter in case of Protocol Owned Liquidity, for purposes such as, but not limited to :

(…) swap fees earned by the treasury, withdrawal fees from certain pools, which asset pairs to onboard, other collaborations/partnerships, etc..

This, on top of existing purposes of the DAO !

Nothing in this article is financial advice.
For informational & entertainment purposes only.

Next stop, Saber Wars :

Courtesy of N65Jim (◎,◎)