SaberWars Inc.

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TL;DR : SBR ⇒ seSBR + SUNNY ⇒ seSUNNY ⇒ sunSBR

Courtesy of myself.

#SaberWars Act I


All started from Curve Wars — DYOR on Curve.

Courtesy of LU

More in-depth about Curve Wars (courtesy of SMB 681):

Who is behind #SaberWars ?

ShipCapital projects : [full list]

  • Saber (stable curve pool)
  • Sunny (Yield aggregator (…), created to contain the sell pressure on SBR)
  • Tribeca (DAO protocol from curve)
  • Quarry (curve gauge equivalent)
  • Cashio (Saber-backed stablecoin)

How much SBR does Sunny hold ?

According to official source :

Courtesy of tmnxeq (SBR Discord)

Locking SUNNY into veSUNNY for sunSBR underlying seSBR :

What are we fighting for ?

For a share of trading fees and LP rewards management on Saber :

Here’s how I see things :

  • DAO’s and protocols locking veSBR to incentivize their pair.
  • DAO and protocols might offer a yield on your wrapped veSBR
  • Locking SUNNY into veSUNNY for sunSBR
  • sunSBR used to vote on SBR DAO proposals through Sunny DAO (gauge)

SUNNY : Jedi Council

The biggest SBR hodler going decentralized gives everyone an opportunity to take part in decisions of the underlying protocol at low cost.

Jedi Council

A system called “gauge” send votes from SUNNY DAO into SBR DAO.

You need 10,000,000 veSBR to initiate a proposal, isn’t for everyone.
Might be easier to have your shout through SUNNY.

Here’s what cocktails of yields look like at full maturation :

BadgerDAO ibbtc-crvsbtc-lp

Thanks for reading folks.