Start a trading bot in 5 minutes

2 min readFeb 13, 2022


In 3 simple steps, really.

This method uses Kucoin¹ Trading Bots but ease of use and assume you already have $40 worth of USDT on your account.

1. Register to Kucoin¹ go to “Trading Bot”.

2. Select “Spot Grid Volatility” recommended for newbies.

3. Select highly volatile but serious enough !
as reference, best daily gainer is SLP with 50% volatility, while BTC sits around 4% volatility.

AI detect best parameters for selected pair, click “create” to run your bot !

Min. investment is $40 in USDT

That’s all.

You’re now playing with the house² and on both up and down!

not losing money so far.

You participate actively in daily traded volume to support your favorite project while doing nothing 🖤

You’re also probably contributing helping the house² reach profitable liquidations over retail investors, adding weight on top of their existing bot ecosystem of the house² ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

¹ affiliate link that help support my unhealthy habits.

² the house : refer to centralized exchanges that profit from all trades on taker and maker side and sometimes running bot over their costumers.




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